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Just like many others, we fell in love with magic mushrooms for all of the good that they can do in this world. They open our eyes to new perspectives, help us understand our feelings better, and connect us more deeply with nature and the people around us. Simply put, they have a rightful place in society.

Navigating the world of magic mushrooms isn’t always straightforward. With a mix of unreliable sellers, those with dubious intentions, and businesses just trying to mimic genuine providers, the quest for consistent and high-quality mushroom products can be a maze. It’s from this challenge that MyMushroomFriends was born.

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Magic mushrooms are long overdue for normalization within society

Recognized for centuries, if not millennia, magic mushrooms stand among the safest and most ancient remedies known to humankind. They come with no or very minimal adverse effects, and their potential benefits range from alleviating symptoms of depression and PTSD to rejuvenating the spark in our everyday lives. Truly, these remarkable fungi merit wider acceptance and unrestricted use.

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