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Each and every product contains precise doses for all of your mushroom needs. Whether you’re just looking to dip your toes, or have a full on journey, MMF combines the mushrooms you love with the flavors you need.


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Nitrogen Release Shots

A fusion of fruit juice and 4 grams of potent mushroom extract.

Delve into the harmonious blend of strength and flavor with our Instant Euphoria Nitro Shots. Crafted through nitrogen-pressing, these shots promise an immediate, exhilarating experience complemented by a vibrant taste.

Irresistible, Bite-Sized Delights.

The perfect pick me up anytime, anywhere. Easy, grab and go mouth-watering flavors headed straight for your taste buds.

Delicious, Pocket Sized Chocolates

No more blending up mushrooms into a chocolate shake to mask the taste. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Explore Mr. Mushies chocolates and experience the ideal way to infuse your day with a touch of magic and chocolate.